About Us

Photo: Sergio Gobbo – Croatian National Tourist Board

Mediterra DMC is a one-of-a-kind boutique tour operator and personalized luxury guide to Croatia and countries of former Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro). Mediterra has offices in the US and Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia. We are at our clients’ disposal 24 hours a day. When it comes to luxury travel to this part of the world, we are the trailblazers, offering unique off-the-beaten path travel experiences tailored for our clients featuring our hallmark impeccable service.

We know our part of the world like no one else, and we know what luxury travelers want and expect. Among them are seasoned travelers from the US and Canada who understand the value of travel and have engaged Mediterra in their quest for a seamless travel experience. Highly experienced travel agents are also our clients. Their positive feedback and constructive suggestions have spurred us on to earn a reputation as one of the best in the industry.

Because of our personalized service, many of our clients also become lasting friends. And as our friends, we typically invite them to our family village retreat in Croatia as our guests for dinner or lunch. For many of them, this unique added experience has been the highlight of their entire trip.

Our family owned and operated enterprise is not only our business, it is our source of pride. Experienced, reliable and responsible members of our extended travel family, all highly educated, multi-lingual, kind and helpful stand ready at any time to handle and tackle any request, or any challenge.

Whether it be a FIT (Free-style Independent Travel), an individually tailored travel arrangement, a group of friends traveling together or a larger group, we handle all arrangements with ease and expertise. We have accommodated many high profile clients, including celebrities, as well as government dignitaries, from mayors to governors to heads of state and ambassadors.

Efficiency and timeliness in responding to client requests have consistently distinguished Mediterra from our competitors. We provide quotes and basic suggestions instantly, or within 24 hours for special requests and FIT’s.
Pricing is competitive. We work within each client’s budget to ensure the greatest value for your trip.
Special Interest Tours. Mediterra arranges and handles special interest tours for art, culinary and wine, archeology and antiquities, for history buffs and educational programs, and for professional entertainers, sports and fitness travelers.We create especially designed itineraries for women, film and television celebrities, and high profile travelers.
Mediterra is also committed to accommodating physically challenged and visually or hearing impaired clients. Special tours and travel arrangements, including for caregivers, can be arranged for your needs and your family. Our specially trained staff help disabled clients to enjoy the finer things in life that travel can offer. Each tour marked with the universal handicapped sign indicates that the tour is available to physically challenged clients.



Total Care signature service

When you travel with Mediterra, we are with you all the way with our “Total Care” signature
service. We are known for our dedication and passion for details, and we develop each client’s itinerary with knowledge and experience. Each detail is handled to make every journey a dream-come-true experience. Our reputation for planning and executing every client’s itinerary with utmost care and follow through is unparalleled. At a time when Internet travel and online booking have become overwhelming, confusing and time-consuming, Mediterra’s approach to planning personalized travel arrangements has resulted in a growing demand for our services.
Once you trust your travel arrangements to Mediterra, we are responsible for your travel experience all the way – from your point of departure, to your destination, and to your return. Should there be a problem during your trip, such as sudden illness, we stand by to take care of our clients, regardless of the cost Mediterra provides emergency numbers in each country and our associates (“cousins”) are standing by 24/7 to ensure that our clients are well taken care of every step of the way.

We appreciate your business and hope to have the opportunity to serve you soon.