Our representatives

Photo: Davor Rostuhar – Croatian National Tourist Board

“Papa Gringo”
 Steve Alexis
Operations Manager and COO
OFFICE: Santa Monica, California & Zagreb, Croatia
888-488-3350 Toll-free US & Canada
310-428-1343 International calls & texting
(385) 95 8888 900 Croatia office

SCHOOL: University of Zagreb/School of Economics
LANGUAGES: English, Croatia/Serbian, Italian, German, Spanish (limited)

Steve Alexis holds degree in Tourism and Transportation from the University of Zagreb (Croatia) School of Economics, as well as continued education courses from UCLA & Santa Monica College. His rich travel industry carrier spans over four decades with work in hotel industry tour operations, retail travel agency and the airlines in Croatia and the USA This wide experience in virtually all segments of travel industry coupled with his personal travel adventures (he has visited over 120 countries), has forged in him an extremely seasoned travel executive. He has very strong marketing and sales background, enormous creativity talent and unprecedented passion for details, quality control and customer satisfaction. He speaks fluently English, Croatian, Italian and German. His expertise are Mediterranean countries (Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Israel, Egypt, Italy etc.) and those hard to please clients are his specialty. He loves to work on individual, special arrangements (FIT’s) for important clients looking for something extraordinary and exciting.

“Cousin” Mardi
Mardi Alexandra de Veuve
VP Marketing & Communications
OFFICE: Santa Monica, California
888-488-3350 Toll-free US & Canada
310-428-1343 International calls & texting
(385) 95 8888 900 Croatia office

SCHOOL: Georgetown University, VA/Communications
LANGUAGES: English, French

Mardi de Veuve, California born, raised and educated joined Mediterra, DMC (Destination Management Company) in 2015. She brings a wealth of experience in marketing and communications.  She has travelled extensively worldwide and has worked in the travel sector with clients such as British Airways, Korean National Tourist Board, the Swedish Tourist Board and Visit Sweden, and on special development projects with the Marriott Corporation and the National Geographic Society.  Formerly, she was Director of Communications for the Consulate General of Sweden in Los Angeles, Senior Advisor for Strategic Partnerships at the Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope and similarly for the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute in Florida; and as president of the Promotion and Development Group. During her extensive professional career, she has served as communications director, marketing and development consultant, and international protocol consultant for major corporations, institutions of higher education and non-profit organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

“Cousin” Kriya
Kriya Sraj
Mediterra DMC Slovenia Office Manager
OFFICE:  Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tel: (385) 95 8888 900
E: info@mediterradmc.com


SCHOOL: College of Tourism Studies at Turistica College in Portoroz, Slovenia
LANGUAGES: English, Slovenian, Croatian/Slavic, French, Italian

Licensed Tour Guide (Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia)
Licensed Local Guide Ljubljana (Ljubljana Tourist Board)

Kriya was born in Mill Valley, California and was globetrotter with her traveling parents from young age, She crossed most of North and South America, the Balkans and Eastern Europe and finally settled in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. Her life was marked by travel and is the reason she chose to study tourism. Parallel to her studies, she also obtained the Tour Guide License from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and the License for Local Tour Guides of Ljubljana. She guides French and English speaking groups in Slovenia and other countries of former Yugoslavia. “I love guiding people in Slovenia, as they have no expectations of this unknown and underrated beautiful destination. With no exception till now they are all charmed by the beautiful county side, the friendly people, the diversity, and the culinary delights. There is something for every taste,” she says with a smile which is considered as her trademark among her colleagues.

“Uncle” Borut
Borut Sraj
Mediterra Sr. Tour Director & Tour Guide
OFFICE:  Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU
(385) 95 8888 900


SCHOOL: Student of graphic arts in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and philosophy in India (Niranjani Akhala – Haridwar)
LANGUAGES: English, Slovenia, Croatian/Slavic, French

Borut Sraj is a globe trotter, photograph, philosopher, food and wine connoisseur, tour director, manager and tour guide. He is Mediterra’s expert for the Balkan countries, Mediterranean and Eastern Europe.

Traveling around the world worked as professional photographer in USA and in French Guyana as well as in European Space Center. After traveling through all of South America he came back to Slovenia and started to work in tourism first as a guide and later on as tour director for Kompas Yugoslavia conducting the tours through Central and Eastern Europe. After completing the study for Food and Beverage Manager he managed a restaurant for nearly ten years where he developed a sense for good wine and culinary specialties.

Borut is also very active as:

  • Member of  ETOA
  • Licensed tour guide (Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia)
  • Member of the Order of St. Fortunat – association for quality of life
  • Member of Lions Club Brnik – D129 Slovenia
  • 30 years of experience in tourism.
  • Borut was awarded as the Best Tour Guide in former Yugoslavia in 1986.

“Cousin” Ivitza
Ivica Profaca
Mediterra Representative/Tour guide – Split
OFFICE:  Split, Croatia
Tel: (385) 95 8888 900
E: info@mediterradmc.com


SCHOOL:  University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy; Major: Sociology
LANGUAGES: English, Croatian/Slavic

Ivica Profaca is a journalist and blogger with almost 30 years of writing experience. Ever since the college days he was a staff writer, columnist and editor in major Croatian daily newspapers, magazines and news portals, but also in international media like Associated Press or The Dallas Morning News. Nowadays he is a freelancer, with contributions and columns in several media. Among others he is an official blogger at the Tourist Board of Split web site visitsplit.com. Details on his journalism career are available at https://ivicaprofaca.wordpress.com/.

Ivica Profaca is also a certified tour guide for Split-Dalmatian county, or central part of Croatian coastal area, islands and hinterland. His reporting and editorial experience gave him an excellent insight into the local life in Dalmatia. As being born and raised in Split, Croatia Ivica is passionate about the history and lifestyle in his hometown. Thus, his mission as a guide is to make his guests feel like home in Split and its vicinity. His guidance is not only about rich history of Split, dating back to times of ancient Rome, but to make his tours’ guests know what life in Split is today. He will make you familiar with Dalmatian hospitality, gastronomy, heritage and natural beauties, all the way to hiking and biking routes. Also, Ivica is a dedicated Game of Thrones fan, and expert in filming sites in and around Split.

“Cousin” Paula
Paula Padovan
Mediterra Representative & Tour Guide
OFFICE: Zadar, Croatia
(385) 95 8888 900


SCHOOL: University of Zadar (Philosophy, Languages and German Literature)
LANGUAGES: Croatian, Slavic, English, Italian, German, Spanish & Portuguese

Paula is holding a degree in English and Italian language and Literature from the University of Zadar, Faculty of Philosophy where she also took 16 exams to become a professional tour guide. While in college she studied German language under the license of Goethe Institute and had private tutorials in Spanish and Portuguese. After graduation she was working at school, teaching English as well as doing city tours, and for the past 8 years Paula has been working as a tour guide only. Her infatuation for art, history and foreign languages goes far back, and her dream was to try somehow to reconcile these “passions” without having to give up on any of them and having become a guide she finally found something that fulfills her in every possible way. She loves to meet people from all over the world and thus learn more about different cultures and societies, which she believes is truly a huge privilege.

Paula was awarded in 2015 as a “Top Tour Guide” by the Zadar Tour Guide Association.

“Cousin” Maria
Marija Wolf-Puz
Mediterra Representative and Tour Guide
OFFICE: Opatija, Croatia
(385) 95 8888 900


SCHOOL: University of Rijeka, School of Philosophy/Languages and Literature (Croatian & German)
LANGUAGES: English, Croatia/Slavic, German Italian

Marija’s dream was to become a tour guide ever since she was 10 and met one tour guide in Rijeka. In the past 25 years she was working hard to put this dream in reality: first she finished the High school for Hotel and Tourism Management in Opatija and afterwards she finished her studies of Languages and Literatures at the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Philosophy. Since 2001 she has been involved in the Travel and Tourism business – first as the State licensed Tour Assistant for Croatia and abroad and later as a State licensed Tour Guide for Kvarner, Lika, Istria and Zagreb regions.  She spent most of that time guiding travelers and helping them to experience Croatian culture and lifestyle. Being flexible, having fun and making sure that her guests’ get the most from their vacation is her primary focus and goal. In the past 15 years she has been working with completely different clients from all over the world and very often she was speaking and translating simultaneously in two or three languages. For Maria travelling is learning and sharing at the same time – she likes to share her knowledge with the guests and she always learns a lot from them, too.

“Cousin” Yana
Mediterra Representative & Tour Guide
OFFICE: Hvar, Croatia
(385) 95 8888 900


SCHOOL: University of Zagreb (History and Geography)/School of Economics in Split (guiding license)
LANGUAGES: English, German, Italian, French (limited)

Jana Vučetić studied at University of Zagreb (degree in History and Geography). She worked in Tourist Board of Hvar town for 10 years and thus knows this island inside out. She also has experience in working as a teacher teaching History and Geography. Jana likes meeting open-minded people from all over the world, exchanging ideas and having fun!