Our Family Village Retreat

Unique Dining Experience

This is not any kind of meal served in a restaurant with white tablecloths and waiters dressed in black and white garbs. This is an old, almost forgotten, traditional Croatian way of preparing a meal. Lately, some Croatian families are trying to revive it by inviting visitors to share with them this tradition and be part of their family for a few hours. Invited guests will also witness preparation of the food “ispod peke” or on an open fire and if interested, they can even participate in preparations.

Mediterra is happy to invite some of its clients to share this experience with our family in a village not far away from Dubrovnik. For many visitors who had this experience, this was one of the most memorable highlights of their trip.

Cousin Katarina who speaks excellent English and likes to stage a Hollywood type show, dresses in Croatian traditional garb and greets you when you arrive at Retreat. She will take you first to family cellar (we call it “konoba”) and offers welcome drinks and home-made cordials and spirits. Then she will take you to our family organic garden where you can pick any veggies and fruits in season that you would like with your dinner. While she is doing that, her husband Ivo will start the fire in kitchen fireplace using all-natural wood; hickory, mesquite, oak etc.

Before she starts cooking, she will do a little cooking demo and show you how it is done and if some of guests would like to participate in food preparation, she has some extra aprons and cutting knives. Once the food is prepared and all placed in a cooking pan, it is covered with an iron bell and everything is put in hot open fire and covered with hot chunks of burning wood. Food is left to cook for about 45-60 minutes. In meantime, you will be offered some home-made goodies like prosciutto, cheese, dried figs and other goodies. When the food is done and brought to the table and iron bell removed, you will be convinced that you never smelled or tasted anything so delicious before. You will be joined at this meal with family members that happen to be available and many of them do speak some English. For a few hours, you will be part of our family. During the course of the meal, cousin Katarina will tell you stories about family and characters from the past who made impacts and left legacy to the family.

This delicious food is accompanied by family reserve wines grown from our own vineyard exclusively for family consumption and not for commercial purposes.

More and more wine and food and more and more stories to share and in the blink of an eye, the evening and dinner are over.

Thank you from all members of Mediterra Family.