Travel Agency commissions start at 10% for any tour, cruise or service we provide unless otherwise specified.

Mediterra offers variety of incentives and volume commission, depend on type of services Agents book with Mediterra and number of clients Agents book with us.

Volume Incentive Scale

Cumulative Sales In USD
Up to 25,000 10%
25,001-50,000 12.5%
50,001-75,000 13%
75,001-100,000 14%
Over 100,000 15%


  1. Volume production is calculated on 12 month intervals starting with the forst booking.
  2. Volume commission does not apply to groups and other negotiated rates.
  3. Higher level of Volume Commission will kick in as soon as lower level of production is reached and will be calculated cumulatively and retro-active including all sales during one calendar year.
  4. Agents are encouraged to keep their own track of production with Mediterra.
  5. One free FAM trip after reaching gross combined sales of $30,000


Group commission starts at 15% and one free for 16 passengers in a group for land portion only on all Mediterra web-published, non-discounted tours and cruises (land portion only). Many of Mediterra  group commissions are higher than 15%. In general, one FREE Tour Conductor (TC) will be awarded for 15 fully paying passengers. Group commission, free TC travel and other benefits and details will be specified in negotiated Group Agreement at the time of each group’s booking.


Mediterra will grant 15% commission from the start for above 3 consortia member agents on all Mediterra web-published, non-discounted tours and cruises (land portion only). Prior approval of commission must be obtained from Mediterra for each booking.


FIT (Fre-style Independent Travel) or customized travel arrangements commission is 10% unless otherwise specified by booking agent. FIT’s can be quoted in net rates as well. FIT sales will be counted toward total production for purpose of Volume Commission.


There is no commission on air booked separately unless agents specifically requests to include commission in fares quoted by Mediterra. Mediterra will pay full 10% commission on air and land for all tours that have “Land & Air Option.”


From time to time Mediterra promotes certain programs and service and awards agents special commission. Level of those commissions are always marked in promo material for that product or service.


An agency willing to actively promote Mediterra tour programs will be handsomely awarded with extra commission for each sale they generate:

Agent can select one or more Mediterra tour products and Mediterra will create promotional flyer for that agent with agents contacts only.  Agent will distribute those flyers to their customer base electronically or by regular mail. Mediterra will consider printing hard copy flyers and paying up to 100 copies. In addition, Agent will qualify for additional 5% commission on all Mediterra tours and cruises (land only) sold by Agent and published on Mediterra’s and Agent’s website.


From time to time Mediterra promotes special discounts on certain tours, cruises and services. Those discounts are intended to lower overall cost of our products and should be passed on to consumers and users of our products and services. Commission to travel agents will be paid on net cost after discounts have been deducted. Mediterra isalso making many of its tours and cruises available to Travel Agents and industry professionals and their companions at special industry rates as familiarization (FAM) trips. Please check FAM trips.


If payment for clients’ arrangement is by check, booking Agents can deduct their commission from final invoice and remit net amount to Mediterra.

If payment for clients’ arrangement is by client’s or agency credit card for gross amount, commission check to booking Agent will be sent no later than two weeks after completion of client’s journey.


To each Agent who places at least one booking with Mediterra, Agent will qualify for FREE FAM of their choice. Agent must book one of Meidterra non-discounted tours or cruises published on Meidterra website. Agent will have 24 months from the time of taking FAM to come up with a booking and the entire cost of FAM trip will be refunded to Agent.

Agents who give Mediterra $25,000 worth of business during one 12 month period will qualify for one free FAM trip.


For each booking of Mediterra web-published non-discounted tours or cruises, Mediterra will award the booking Agent with one night FREE stay at its Family Village Retreats in Dubrovnik, Croatia or in Topanga Canyon, California. The stay can be substituted by dinner for 2 at these retreats.